Reliability Assessment & Improvement Plan


The maintenance audit is the fundamental tool for defining a maintenance management improvement project. The comparison between the current performance of the company maintenance management system with the  Current Best Practices of reference allows us to effectively identify opportunities for improvement.

Thanks to the collaboration with IDCON Inc. ISE uses an audit and benchmarking process developed through the experience of over 300 companies around the world.

During the maintenance audit, an objective score is assigned to each category analyzed, in order to compare the assessments with other companies or with other plants belonging to the same company, with the aim of:

  • Document maintenance improvement strategies
  • Analyze the current state of the organization and highlight how it could improve
  • Develop an implementation plan for improvement actions
  • Analyze and measure the progress achieved during the implementation of the improvement plan

Using the information acquired during the Reliability Assessment, ISE supports maintenance management in the definition of strategies and in the design of improvement plans aimed at reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability. These are the most significant areas of intervention:

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