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Maintenance Engineering Training Program

Passione. Competenza. Risultato

Monitorare. Prevenire. Intervenire

Controllo. Soluzione. Performance

All-in-one machinery test bench

Knowing how to analyze and monitor, through the use of ultrasound, those operations which anomalous sound level conditions may indicate the onset of a fault.

Knowing how to measure and analyze the performance and efficiency data of motors that work in alternating and direct current, in order to be able to […]

Managing a correct lubrication plan through knowledge of the chemical characteristics of lubricants and their preventive and maintenance potential.

Use of techniques and tools for the analysis and thermographic measurement of thermal anomalies and overheating of systems and components.

Deepen your knowledge and complete your experience on vibration measurements and prepare for the certification exam of the Level II Vibration Institute.

Knowing how to use techniques and tools for vibrational analysis and preparing for the certification exam of the Level I Vibration Institute.

Techniques and tools to measure and analyze abnormal vibrations and monitor them periodically, in order to predict the probable period of failure.

Techniques and tools to correct the static and dynamic imbalances of the rotating parts, to avoid serious damage inside the system.

Techniques and tools to prevent misalignment or premature failure of joints and bearings, avoiding irreparable damage.

Methods and tools to capture the weak signs of the proximity of damage to critical components, carrying out maintenance only when needed and preventing downtime.

Respecting the budget and reducing downtime are among the main objectives of a shutdown optimization program, focused on tools for optimal resource management (Idcon).

A maintenance based on reliability analysis rationalizes the maintenance process, reduces costs and brings the system to clear and demonstrable improvements.

The analysis of failure modes, with reference to the critical components of a plant, is the basis of the reliability and maintainability of the assets.

You don’t need to analyze problems, collect data and make statistics, if you don’t then use a structured approach to trace the root cause and eliminate […]

It is useless to waste unproductive and obsolete resources when it is possible to optimize without reducing the buffer necessary for maintenance needs (Idcon).

IDCON as an ISE Reliability and Maintenance Alliance Partner has been illustrating and supporting the importance of organizing maintenance activities for years through courses dedicated to […]

Knowing how to set up an effective plant asset maintenance program can mean significant improvements and savings for the company’s economy. The course aims to provide […]

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