AT40 Training Course – Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machines – basic course

    AT40 Training Course – Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machines – basic course

    ISE invites you to participate to the

    AT40 Training Course – Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machines – basic course

    13 and 14 May 2020, 09:00 – 12:00

    Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important in asset management to ensure reliability. Vibration analysis is a pillar of predictive technologies and allows you to identify anomalies of rotating machines and predict the likely residual life of components.

    Being able to make the best use of the potential of this technology can bring great results in terms of economic savings and reduction of unplanned stops.


    Maintenance managers, technical service managers, reliability engineers, supervisors and maintenance operators.


    The ISE AT40 online course aims to provide the basic skills to implement an effective predictive maintenance plan through vibration analysis.
    The course has a total duration of 6 hours divided into two sessions of 3 hours each which will take place from 9 to 12 AM.
    At the end of the course included in the cost of the course, a 30-minute web meeting will be scheduled for each participant for any clarifications on specific issues.

    Course contents:

    • How to implement predictive maintenance using vibration measurements
    • Basic concepts of vibration analysis (Frequencies, amplitudes, RMS values, peak-to-peak, peak)
    • Time and frequency domain
    • Analysis of rotating machines and identification of the characteristic frequencies of vibration
    • Instruments and transducers for the acquisition of vibration measurements
    • Basic information for creating the measurement set-up
    • Data acquisition operating procedures
    • Analysis of the main failure modes for rotating machines (imbalances, misalignments, wear, rolling bearings, mechanical loosening, etc.)
    • Preparation of an inspection report
    • Case studies and tutorials

    Documentation released:

    • IT support – Acrobat Reader file (pdf.)
    • Certificate of attendance issued by the ISE teacher –
      Ing. Domenico Pascazio, present in ISE since 2008 for over 10 years, deals with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance both with field activities and training. Category III Vibration Institute – ISO 18436 – 2 Vibration Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis certified

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