Rubber & Plastics


ISE services in the Rubber and Plastic industry cover a complete range of maintenance management activities and fault prevention. The different types of processing of plastic materials utilize complex technologies like extrusion, mills, mixers, rolling, calendaring and printing lines, were ISE can support the project and the management of the maintenance system.

PdM, Condition Monitoring

ISE’s predictive maintenance activities aim to prevent breakages thanks to Condition Monitoring plans up to training and service.

Reliability, Maintenance Management

ISE’s Reliability and Maintenance Management activities aim to improve the OEE of  production lines and ensure the safety and quality of products.
Implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and other working systems to improve processes like Maintenance Planning & Scheduling and RCA (Root Cause Analysis), ISE’s technical experts offer their know how to improve production machinery performances and reduce maintenance costs.
The most important characteristic of ISE’s consulting project is to assure that at least 10-15% is dedicated to classroom training and focusing on an  85-90% on onsite coaching and guidance.
It is common to start from Reliability Assessment to be extended to a Reliability Master Plan, necessary to define the priorities regarding all improvement plans in all the different areas.


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