Cement & Glass


The glass and cement industry is characterized by hot working processes which need a continuity of operation because stoppages and start-up necessitate of complex procedures.
For this reason it’s important to ensure the reliability of the system and organize an efficient maintenance.


PdM, Condition Monitoring

ISE Condition Monitoring activities come to your aid with specific equipment which supports the fault prevention activities.

Reliability, Maintenance Management

ISE’s activities regarding Reliability and maintenance management aim to upgrade the availability of production plants and reduce maintenance costs.
The most important aspect of ISE’s consultancy project is to insure that at least 10-15% of activities are for classroom training and focused on an 85-90% on onsite coaching and on the job guidance.
The aspect that defines ISE’s projects is its strength: not only to be able to advice or instruct procedures that can be heavy going on work procedures, but work on site next to the clients resources to help implement a Reliable Maintenance Management till the decisive phases.
ISE uses a Reliability Assessment method which allows to analyze maintenance performances and develop improvement processes in the different field organization.


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