AT140 Training Course – Ultrasound analysis and measurements

    AT140 Training Course – Ultrasound analysis and measurements

    ISE invites you to participate to the

    AT140 Training Course – Ultrasound analysis and measurements 

    to be held on 9 July 2020, 09:00 – 13:00

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    Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important in asset management to ensure reliability. Ultrasound measurements are one of the newest and most versatile predictive technologies. They allow to identify a great variety of anomalies of different nature: From the search for leaks of gas under pressure and vacuum impipants to electrical applications on MV / HV equipment, from mechanical ones to the lubrication of rotating machinery.

    Being able to make the best use of the potential of this technology can bring great results in terms of economic and energy savings, as well as a reduction in unplanned stops.


    Maintenance managers, technical service managers, reliability engineers, supervisors and maintenance operators.


    The ISE AT140 online course aims to provide the basic skills to implement an effective predictive maintenance plan using ultrasound measurements.

    The course has a total duration of 4 hours which will take place from 9-13 AM.

    Course contents:

    • Introduction to predictive maintenance using ultrasound measurements
    • Basic theory of ultrasound
    • Applications of ultrasound measurements
    • Main fault modes that can be diagnosed on plants
    • Inspection of pressure and vacuum systems
    • Inspections of HV / MV electrical equipment
    • Inspections on rotating machinery
    • Other types of inspections (valves, condensate drains, etc.)
    • Acquisition of ultrasound measurements using portable instrumentation
    • Case studies and tutorials


    Documentation released:

    IT support – Acrobat Reader file (.pdf).

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