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For over 20 years, ISE has been one of the top companies to refer to for Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring activities, first in Central Italy and then in the rest of Italy and abroad.

Over the years the company decides to expand its activities with a division entirely dedicated to Maintenance Engineering and technical training which places it as a strategic partner for numerous multinationals in various industrial sectors including the paper, cement and steel, food, pharmaceutical and many others.

In recent years, a new working group has also been set up, Research and Applications, dedicated to supporting customers in industrial research and development projects and carrying out internal ISE projects aimed at the industrialization of specific products, such as those belonging to the Twise family®.

With its offices in Lucca and Milan, and its logistic hub in Rome it aims to grow and consolidate its brand both in Italy and abroad.

Respect, team-working, development of new technologies and interest in young talents are the values that characterize ISE.



ISE is part of WIVA Network, a group of companies dedicated to the development of technical products and services active in various industrial sectors including the paper, cement, food and pharmaceutical industries.

WIVA Network coordinates the expertise of selected resources oriented towards continuous improvement, who are dedicated to the search for innovative solutions with the aim of improving the offer of products and technical services of added value for customers.

The approach shared by the management of the companies belonging to the WIVA Network guarantees listening and analysis skills, technical knowledge, an aptitude for combining multiple disciplines to develop overall visions, design skills, quality and production capacity.


Research & Technology


ISE has always entrusted its success and credibility to reliable and internationally recognized Partners.

Thanks to the contribution of our Partners and that of the Research and Applications department, ISE is able to offer the best cutting-edge technological, consulting and training solutions, as a result of the most modern research and development studies in Reliability & Maintenance Consulting and of PdM & Condition Monitoring.

Industrial fields


The experience and solutions that ISE makes available to industry find numerous applications in most industrial sectors: from food to chemical, from pharmaceuticals to steel, from petrochemicals to automotive.

The analysis of customer needs allows ISE technicians and engineers to develop customized solutions that adapt perfectly to any production context.


Food and beverage

The food industry has a primary role in the Italian economy and represents […]



ISE supports strategic companies in the automotive industry to upgrade the performance […]


Pulp & Paper

The paper Industry is finding itself in growing and very demanding markets in all areas from printed paper to wrapping, […]


Cement & Glass

The glass and cement industry is characterized by hot working processes […]



In the iron and steel industry an advantage in the competiveness is given by the possibility to manage plants in a reliable way […]


Chemical & Pharma

The chemical industry is characterized by a very complex context linked […]


Wind Power

The wind power field represents a newly born expanding sector that is gaining […]


Rubber & Plastics

ISE services in the rubber and plastic industry cover a complete range of maintenance management activities […]



Plant reliability in the marine transport industry helps to assure safety to passengers in the respect of […]


Other industries

Plant reliability improvement methodologies and maintenance management can find many ways […]


Oil, Gas & Energy

The mining, petroleum refining and energy production industry are characterized by […]



Over the years, ISE has built trust in relationships with many original equipment manufacturers, in the paper and tissue world, but not only […]

International experience


Thanks to a network of professionals and leading companies, selected on a worldwide scale, ISE offers cutting-edge work tools and specific methodologies for Maintenance Engineering and Predictive Maintenance. Our interventions in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Greece, Saudi Arabia and other countries, make us appreciated and recognized internationally.

Managing projects abroad is normally more complex than doing it in your own country: technical and managerial skills are required and the development of a solid Problem Solving approach which determines the consolidation of professionalism and the ability to meet the most demanding requests.



For more than 20 years, leading multinational companies in their respective industrial markets have entrusted us with the organization of their maintenance and the monitoring of their plants, which recognize ISE as a reliable partner, capable of integrating technological solutions that meet specific needs.

The success of these realities, from the medium-sized company to the most prestigious industrial group, is given by a strong competitiveness but also by the ability to continually glimpse internal areas for improvement. ISE contributes to the leadership of many companies in guaranteeing them the reliability of their plants and optimization in the management of processes and maintenance activities.

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